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For more than 30 years, Jay Moore Landscaping has been creating custom outdoor living spaces that combine beauty and best practices, color and texture, seasonal greenscapes, and feature-rich hardscapes – always with an emphasis on aesthetics, livability, and appeal. We offer exterior design, landscape installation, and landscape management services for those located in Omaha and surrounding areas.

At Jay Moore Landscaping we are focused on the small details to make your landscape design stand out in the neighborhood. We integrate plants, privacy screens and retaining walls, water features, and fire features, patios, and walkways, and even swimming pools. The result is greater symmetry and liveability, added privacy, improved curb appeal, and enhanced outdoor entertaining space. Even after your landscape is designed to your likings, Jay Moore Landscaping provides landscape management services that focus on the ongoing health and beauty of plants, trees, greenscapes, as well as, water and fire features, walkways, steps, and walls. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your landscape design and will maintain it as well.

Each project is carefully planned to ensure the greatest attention to detail, an efficient process, and spectacular, lasting results. Jay Moore Landscaping is a team of experienced certified landscape designers, nurserymen, and arborists ready to make your outdoor living dream a reality.

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Work Performed Below are projects we have completed for clients and the cities they were in along with client reviews.

  Near Oak St, Waterloo, NE 68069

Jay Moore Landscaping designs beautiful backyard pools to make you want to spend more time outdoors.

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Natalie Bundy
Natalie B.
Google reviews

A month or so late, didn't get what I wanted for the most part and the majority is dying. No communication, not even sure he's been to my house other than the bid..

  Near 3rd St, Waterloo, NE 68069

Do you want to know the carbon footprint of your backyard? Jay Moore Landscaping can provide this by request. Give us a call today!

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Bri Buge
Bri B.
Google reviews

Jay is by far the best in town. If you are looking for knowledge, professionalism, responsiveness and quality look no further. He transformed our backyard in to an absolute oasis. We couldn’t be happier with the quality and service.

  Near Walnut Cir, Waterloo, NE 68069

Professional Custom water features & gardening & landscaping in Waterloo. Jay Moore Landscaping will sit with you and discuss the options available and help you design the perfect oasis.

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Erin O'Brien
Erin O.
Google reviews

  Near Avenue A, Waterloo, NE 68069

At Jay Moore Landscaping, we can provide you with a landscaping solution for your back or front yard. We have designed and developed numerous landscape expert solutions that wash away the stress from the World.

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Quinella Williams
Quinella W.
Google reviews

I would like to thanks Jay Moore Landscaping for making my patio area so much better and beautiful than before. My patio area was mess and Me and My wanted to make it look good and useful at the same time. I came to know about Jay Moore Landscaping and contacted them and they understood my requirements perfectly did transformed my patio area exactly how I wanted. So, thanks to you guys and I would highly recommend this landscaping design company to others.

  Near Jessie Cir, Valley, NE 68064

Do you need a landscaped entertaining space on your lawn? Jay Moore Landscaping in Valley has the perfect solution with the ideal landscape contractor to have memorable conversations.

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Christian New
Christian N.
Google reviews

Reasonable cost, accurate estimate. Exceptional design, based on talking with us. Got an accurate sense of what we liked and delivered. Knows his trees and plants. We've used Jay Moore more than once. Would return in a heartbeat. He stands by his work. One time, we lost a tree. He came right out and replaced it. It's now alive and thriving.

  Near S Lakewood St, Valley, NE 68064

Enjoy your lawn and backyard for years with custom container gardens from Jay Moore Landscaping.

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Audra Hausman
Audra H.
Google reviews

Jay has done a number of jobs for me. He pulled out old rose bushes and shrubs, clearing out the previous home owners' landscaping and created a cleaner landscape precisely to my liking. He has laid sod - which maintained healthy growth, he has trimmed up trees, and he has given me beautiful design ideas. Jay is always on time, always friendly. Even when I had a serious home issue that was not directly landscaping, Jay answered my email and stopped by very quickly. I was surprised to find that he had some critical insight on that issue too. Jay Moore Landscaping is the right choice!

  Near West Sunset St, Valley, NE 68064

At Jay Moore Landscaping, we have a four-step plan for our customer's landscape needs. We provide step-by-step planning to achieve the landscape maintenance you want.

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Joshua Harvey
Joshua H.
Google reviews

Good work area

  Near W Valley St, Valley, NE 68064

No landscape design process is complete without a detailed plan of action. We will meet with you during our process, discuss your ideas, create a 3D visual representation, and create a timeline of the landscape project. Our goal is to uphold professional standards that help you achieve the lawn oasis of your dreams.

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Ellen Braesch
Ellen B.
Google reviews

Jay is more than a great designer. I had a modest job in a mid-scale neighborhood. Jay gave me a very reasonable estimate and did a beautiful job. When I asked for a couple of modifications, his response was: "We'll take care of that. I want you to be happy." And then the very next day he came out to follow through. He added materials and didn't even adjust the cost. I ended up with a brilliant design and couldn't be more happy I went with Jay Moore Landscaping.

  Near W Meigs St, Valley, NE 68064

Implementing a garden trellis is a great way to add a whimsical appeal to your landscape designer.

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Mark Ryan
Mark R.
Google reviews

Wanted to share how pleased I was with Jay Moore landscaping. I needed some new trees after the hot summer. Jay made me a heck of a deal on some pines - just what I was looking for and what he wanted to get rid of before the winter. I also got some other design ideas when they came out - something to think about over the winter for sure.

  Near Cherry St, Bennington, NE 68007

Do you have questions about which plants to plant where? At Jay Moore Landscaping in Bennington, our certified nurserymen will help plan, select, and maintain your landscape's plants and ensure everything is green, healthy, and vibrant.

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Chris Harwood
Chris H.
Google reviews

Jay always does phenomenal work. You will usually be able to talk and design with him directly - and he responds instantly. He brings so much experience to the table, and is one of the best landscape designers in Omaha. His landscape team is extremely professions, which is why you'll come to trust them on the spot!


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