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Jay Moore Landscaping offers transformative exterior design services using plants, privacy screens and retaining walls, water, and fire features, patios, and walkways, and even swimming pools. The result is greater symmetry and liveability, added privacy, improved curb appeal, and enhanced outdoor entertaining space.

Call Jay Moore Landscaping today, we are the #1 landscape designers in Nebraska.

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Jay Moore Landscaping

Omaha NE, 68124 USA


Counties we are serving in NE

Work Performed Below are projects we have completed for clients and the cities they were in along with client reviews.

  Near Oak St, Waterloo, NE 68069

Jay Moore Landscaping designs beautiful backyard pools to make you want to spend more time outdoors.

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  Near 3rd St, Waterloo, NE 68069

Do you want to know the carbon footprint of your backyard? Jay Moore Landscaping can provide this by request. Give us a call today!

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  Near Walnut Cir, Waterloo, NE 68069

Professional Custom water features & gardening & landscaping in Waterloo. Jay Moore Landscaping will sit with you and discuss the options available and help you design the perfect oasis.

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  Near Avenue A, Waterloo, NE 68069

At Jay Moore Landscaping, we can provide you with a landscaping solution for your back or front yard. We have designed and developed numerous landscape expert solutions that wash away the stress from the World.

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  Near Jessie Cir, Valley, NE 68064

Do you need a landscaped entertaining space on your lawn? Jay Moore Landscaping in Valley has the perfect solution with the ideal landscape contractor to have memorable conversations.

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  Near S Lakewood St, Valley, NE 68064

Enjoy your lawn and backyard for years with custom container gardens from Jay Moore Landscaping.

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  Near West Sunset St, Valley, NE 68064

At Jay Moore Landscaping, we have a four-step plan for our customer's landscape needs. We provide step-by-step planning to achieve the landscape maintenance you want.

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  Near W Valley St, Valley, NE 68064

No landscape design process is complete without a detailed plan of action. We will meet with you during our process, discuss your ideas, create a 3D visual representation, and create a timeline of the landscape project. Our goal is to uphold professional standards that help you achieve the lawn oasis of your dreams.

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  Near W Meigs St, Valley, NE 68064

Implementing a garden trellis is a great way to add a whimsical appeal to your landscape designer.

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  Near Cherry St, Bennington, NE 68007

Do you have questions about which plants to plant where? At Jay Moore Landscaping in Bennington, our certified nurserymen will help plan, select, and maintain your landscape's plants and ensure everything is green, healthy, and vibrant.

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